Barbed Oak Vineyard

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Barbed Oak Vineyard

Visit Us in Sonoma

Our barn door is open to members of the Full Moon Societé who wish to visit the vineyard, to introduce new friends to our wines, or to just see the latest happenings here in Bennett Valley.

Wine tastings are available exclusively by-appointment. Inquiries can be directed to Ed Pascoe via our contact page.


We take our fun seriously

When we returned to Northern California after more than a decade of adventures atop Sage Mountain on the British Virgin Island of Tortola, we knew Sonoma County was our destination. When we saw the vineyard nestled along the upper reaches of Matanzas Creek, we knew we were home. We snapped open a couple of folding chairs above the vineyards overlooking the Bennett Valley appellation, eased the cork out of a bottle of pleasurable Pinot Noir, and began plotting our newest adventure.

Barbed Oak Vineyard

We call it Barbed Oak Vineyard, a name suggested by a friend at a picnic in our vineyards. It combines our first names. It also describes the ancient oaks that dot the property and provide perches for hawks, owls, and other raptors that sail above the vineyards.