Barbed Oak Vineyard

Full Moon Societé

For eons before electricity brightened the nights, people synched their calendars to the lunar glow—planting, harvesting and even celebrating by the moon. We still do.

We pick our grapes just after the bars close in the middle of the night. Not because old habits die hard, either. Harvesting at night allows us to bring in the fruit at ideal maturity. The juice’s bright flavors are balanced with natural acidity.

So we named our wine club the Full Moon Societé to honor our moonlight efforts.

And we created the club to make it easy for you to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Join Full Moon Societé now and receive:

  • Two shipments per year – Spring and Fall
  • 12 bottles – from approximately $324 to $432 per case before tax with complimentary ground shipping
  • Or 6 bottles – from approximately $162 to $216 before tax and shipping
  • 10% savings on all shipments of additional wine purchases throughout the year
  • Complimentary ground shipping when purchasing 12 or more bottles
  • First offering on new releases
  • Private tastings at Barbed Oak Vineyard – by appointment
  • Invitation to annual wine club party

Full Moon Societé – 6 Bottles

Next Club Shipment – Spring 2018

3 bottles x 2015 Estate Chardonnay
3 bottles x 2015 ZARA’s Block Estate Pinot Noir

Full Moon Societé – 12 Bottles

Next Club Shipment – Spring 2018

6 bottles x 2015 Estate Chardonnay
6 bottles x 2015 ZARA’s Block Estate Pinot Noir
Shipping Included